The 6 Issues & 12 Action Steps

initiatives for the President, Leader of the
Opposition, Prime Minister, Cabinet, All State Entities

1. Appoint Senators to the 11th Parliament capable of representing the needs and experiences of LGBTI members of the national community

2. All national officials vocally support inclusion and dignity for all, including LGBTI members of the national community, and denounce discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender

3. Strengthen how all arms of the State understand and are tooled to address the needs of LGBTI members of the national community in policy and programmes • Convene a forum for the new Government and other arms of the state to listen to LGBTI community concerns

initiatives for the Housing & Development
Corporation, Ministers responsible for Housing,
Training, Social Welfare, Youth/Children, Chambers of Commerce

4. Allocate up to four multi-bedroom HDC dwellings as emergency LGBTI housing • Pilot a public-private, multi-ministry transitional and life skills programme for LGBTI young people made homeless by discrimination

5. Lower to 16 the direct eligibility age for social welfare for young people abused by their families

initiatives for Regional Health Authorities, the
Registrar General, the Children’s Authority, the University of
the West Indies, Ministers responsible for Health, Youth/Children

6. Implement international protocols for clinical care and counselling for intersex children and their families that delay gender assignment, foster autonomy of gender identity, protect rights and dignity, and permit legal adjustment of sex on national identity documents

initiatives for the Law Reform Commission,
School Leaders, Parent Associations, Education Sector
Unions, Ministers responsible for Education, Youth/Children

7. Implement school-based initiatives and policy nationally that foster a nation tolerant of its diversity; prevent and protect young people from violence and bullying in educational settings; and reverse the impact of homophobia and gender stereotyping on male underachievement

initiatives for Parliament, the Attorney General,
Ministers responsible for Labour, the Elderly, Youth/Children

8. Repeal paragraphs 20(1)(c), 20(2)(c), and 20(3)(c) of the Children Act of 2012, which came into force on 18 May 2015 and specifically target young people of the same sex for criminalization and life imprisonment for sexual exploration with each other • Treat non-coercive sexual exploration by young people close in age equally whether children are of the same or opposite sexes

9. “Add All 3”: Amend the Equal Opportunity Act of 2000 to extend its protections against discrimination in employment, education and provision of accommodation, goods and services to age, HIV status, and sexual orientation, as recommended by the Equal Opportunity Commission • Strengthen the independence and machinery of the Equal Opportunity Commission and Tribunal to conform to the Paris Principles for national human rights institutions

initiatives for the Director of Public Prosecutions,
Commissioner of  Police, Police Complaints Authority, Chief
Justice, Commissioner of Prisons, Chief Immigration Officer

10. Declare a formal moratorium on prosecution of private, consensual sexual activity between adults

11. Train and identify community officers in CID, other centralized units and 80% of police stations as point-persons sensitized to needs of LGBTI members of the national community • Equip and charge the Victim & Witness Support Unit to support LGBTI complainants of domestic and bias violence

12. Implement criminal justice system-wide policies and directives that protect LGBTI members of the national community from stigma, victimisation or violence when seeking justice or in detention

By Alliance for Justice and Diversity

A Coalition of Trinidad & Tobago’s LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex) community groups.

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